Reshaping Talent Development

How Science Impacts Learning for the 21st Century

AmCham PowerBreakfast: Reshaping Talent Development

AmCham Denmark, in partnership with Area9 Lyceum, is pleased to invite interested stakeholders to a PowerBreakfast at the AmCham Loft to learn from one of the leading voices in talent development and organizational transformation, featuring Area9 founder and CEO Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen.

Regardless of which economic forecast you choose to believe, one thing is certain: the pressure on jobs and reskilling has never been higher. Shifting global competitiveness, the impact of robots and automation, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, demographic changes, and other issues are making the need to continuously develop workers in every industry, at every grade level, and at every age increasingly paramount.

Unfortunately, educational and training practices are still largely rooted in 20th – and in some cases 19th – century thinking.  Talent development, even in the largest multinational organizations, often ignores what basic science tells us about how we learn, and how easily our brains trick us into holding onto misconceptions.

Join us for this PowerBreakfast to learn how to transform organizational capability by rethinking life-long learning.
About Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen.
Dr. Christensen is a renowned expert in learning technology, having pioneering adaptive learning, data-driven content development, simulation and debriefing technologies. He founded his first company, Sophus Medical, in 1997. After its  acquisition by Laerdal Medical in 2002, Dr. Christensen was responsible for global learning technologies (2002–2006.) In 2006, he co-founded Area9 Group, which has been at the forefront of adaptive and personalized learning. Area9 Education was sold to McGraw-Hill Education in 2014. Area9 Learning was then established to focus on adaptive learning in corporate and organizational environments. Dr. Christensen’s current focus is Area9 Lyceum which set out to create the 4th generation adaptive learning platform and the first generation supporting four-dimensional education.