U.S. Local Stakeholder Engagement

AmCham U.S. Local Stakeholder Engagement Roundtable

AmCham, in cooperation with Ørsted and Rockwool Group, is pleased to welcome members to a best practice Roundtable session with a focus on successful local integration of your U.S. projects.

To successfully build or operate new manufacturing facilities or other infrastructure projects in the United States (and elsewhere), gaining community acceptance is a growing challenge. That is the case even if a new project otherwise serves a highly desirable social goal – such as saving energy or reducing carbon emissions.

Current trends in this area include developing a multi-dimensional approach to local communities that goes beyond do-no-harm; and embedding local stakeholder expertise at both the site and group levels of an organization.

It has thus become essential to view this as a critical step to take much earlier in the project development process than might have been the case in the past. In addition, a growing focus on these issues presents an opportunity for Danish companies with a strong sustainability profile to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

The session will be moderated by Mike Casey, President of Tigercomm, a U.S. Consultancy firm.

By invitation only. Please contact Einar Dyrhauge, Deputy Director, AmCham Denmark for more information.