Business Implications of

Transatlantic Sustainability Requirements

Business Implications of Transatlantic Sustainability Requirements

AmCham is pleased to invite members & stakeholders to the launch event of AmCham’s Sustainability Forum.

Featuring briefings from Jørgen Wissing Jensen from the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) on the implementation of the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) along with Adrian Wain from UL Solutions on the requirements and demand drivers in the U.S. market; the kickoff event will focus on the transatlantic perspective, discussing impact on companies operating in both Denmark and the United States.

Following this, a moderated panel with our two keynotes plus executives from BASF and Coca-Cola, will set the scene for an interactive exchange of best practices on compliance strategies.

Sustainability is top of mind for leaders in all sectors, and there is an increasing demand for action from both consumers, stakeholders, and authorities. With a special focus on transatlantic organizations, AmCham’s Sustainability Forum will seek to guide members through all the uncertainty surrounding sustainability and provide a space for open discussion and the exchange of best practices.

We hope you will join us to kickoff this new initiative!


About the Speakers

Jørgen Wissing Jensen is the Deputy Director General in the Danish Business Authority who is responsible for the implementation of the CSRD. Before that, Jørgen was a Director in both SKAT and The Danish Tax Agency.

Adrian Wain is the ESG Advisory and Assurance Lead at UL Solutions and has been working with sustainability for most of his career.