Exclusive Roundtable with Thought Leader Nick van Dam

Developing Leaders in the new Hybrid World

Developing Leaders in the new Hybrid World

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AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to welcome Leadership Development Executives to an exclusive roundtable with thought leader Nick van Dam, former McKinsey Global Chief Learning Officer.

Recent research among Chief Learning Officers globally shows that every organisation is transforming the way they deliver development programs. This shift coincides with an array of unique challenges: how to change mindsets, how to engage, how to develop skills and apply them to an ever-changing industry. Not only is this about the digitalization of learning programmes, but also how to overcome challenges that we face in 2020.

Nick is an internationally recognized thought leader, advisor, researcher, best-selling author, and facilitator on (Corporate) Learning and Leadership Development. Dr. van Dam has over 25 years of business experience as a former Partner, Global Chief Learning Officer, HR-Executive, and Client Advisor at McKinsey & Co. as well as at Deloitte.

We hope you will join us for this exclusive roundtable to discuss how Covid-19 has changed the landscape surrounding and including virtual leadership development, and what the new, more digital, normal will entail.

This event is by invitation only. If you would like to enquire about attending, please contact us at mail@amcham.dk.

About Nick van Dam

Prof. Nick van Dam, PhD is an internationally recognised advisor, author, speaker, and thought leader on Corporate Learning & Development. Formerly Global Chief Learning Officer for McKinsey & Company, he now works with the organization as External Senior Advisor. Nick is an adjunct professor and Advisory Board member at the University of Pennsylvania’s PennCLO Executive Doctoral Programme, and Full Professor Corporate Learning & Development at Nyenrode Business University. He sits on the board of ICEDR, the world’s premier network in global talent management, leadership development, and strategic change. Additionally, he is on the Corporate Advisory Board of edX. Prior to McKinsey, he was a partner, Global Chief Learning Officer, and Director Human Capital for Deloitte. He received the 2012 ”Lifetime Learning Leadership Award” for his contributions to innovation and learning from the MASIE Centre, an internationally recognised think tank focused on workforce education and performance.