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Workshop with HBR Author & Top Thinker Linda Yates 'The Unicorn Within'

Exclusive Workshop with HBR Author Linda Yates

AmCham is pleased to welcome our Patron Members to an exclusive workshop with Harvard Business Review author Linda Yates, who wrote the recent management bestseller “The Unicorn WithinHow Companies Can Create Game-Changing Ventures at Startup Speed.”

It has become accepted wisdom that established companies cannot build and scale new ventures the way that startups can. But Linda Yates, founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based Mach 49, the world’s leading growth incubator for the Global 1000, argues that it is time to challenge that idea.

Linda will share inspiration on how companies can develop their own incubator and accelerator for new ventures within their companies, providing a robust, repeatable, and scalable process that also addresses the complexities and often paralyzing constraints of corporate bureaucracy. Focused 100 percent on execution, the talk will be relevant to everyone, from the growth-minded C-suite senior executive to the ambitious, creative intrapreneur.

This event is by invitation only and reserved for AmCham’s Patron members. 
Linda K. Yates is a seasoned CEO with more than 25 years of experience creating global strategy and driving innovation for large companies around the world. Yates was CEO of Strategos, pioneering the field of corporate innovation with cofounder and Chairman Gary Hamel, and she has been a board member for both public companies and early-stage startups. She launched Mach49 to help global enterprises beat the startups at their own game. The company was the first Silicon Valley Incubator / Accelerator focused on helping global enterprises leverage their resources to drive meaningful growth.

Linda’s new book, The Unicorn Within — How Companies Can Create Game-Changing Ventures at Startup Speed, was published by Harvard Business Review Press in October 2022. The book has done extraordinarily well and has been highlighted across leading business media outlets, including Bloomberg, Financial Times, CEO Magazine, Inc., Investor’s Business Daily, Sifted, Forbes, & Børsen.