Employee Lifecycle II

How Performance Culture Drives Engagement

Employee Lifecycle II: How Performance Culture Drives Engagement

A high-performance culture makes an organization perform better. It is a culture where leaders implement a set of processes by setting clear business objectives, defining employees’ responsibilities, creating a safe environment, and encouraging employees to continuously develop and grow.

But how do you achieve a high-performance culture in your organization?

Join AmCham’s HR Committee as we share best practices on how to nurture a healthy culture where performance & feedback help drive commitment and productivity towards stimulating talent development at all career stages.

Speakers include:

Tina Buch Olsson, Danish Chamber of Commerce
“Beyond KPI’s: Unleash Your Employees Potential”

Reaching a high-performance level is much more than hard data and performance evaluation processes. KPI’s are still at play in many companies, however there is a shift towards setting performance management goals, which increases focus on employee motivation; management vs leadership; and on important role that manager plays in releasing their employee’s potential.

Kenneth Ajslev, CEO, Arbejdsmiljøcentret
“The Do’s and Don’ts of Performance Management”

Arbejdsmiljøcentret is one of the largest consultants for the work environment in Denmark – focusing on creating an environment where employees thrive – and productivity grows. CEO Kenneth Ajslev will share some of the best practices he has learned through his years of helping his customers get the best performance out of their employees.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become inspired by our expert speakers!

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