HR Committee: Strategic HR Planning to Include Older Workers

The Employee Lifecycle: Work Life Extension

Employee Lifecycle: Work Life Extension

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to present the final event in ‘The Employee Lifecycle’ series entitled “Work Life Extension,” and will focus on the later years of a career, including working beyond current retirement age.

The fact that people are living longer and retiring later is changing the demographics of the workforce. Combine this with an increase in the legal retirement age and a general lack of qualified talent in the labor force encourages us all to look at the talent we have and reframe the picture.

Utilizing a panel of executives, we will discuss the need to adjust current employee cycles, investigate the roots of internal bias and bring forward the benefits of older employees with long term HR planning.

Panel Discussion:

Panel will be moderated by Anders Bildsøe Lassen, Senior Consultant, Implement Consulting Group.

  • Stine Fehmerling, Sr. Mgr. Global Inclusion & Diversity / Leadership Development, Coloplast
  • Jørgen Andersen, Vice President, Corporate HR, Ambu
  • Anna Bengaard Gantriis, Head of Corporate HR, Danish Foreign Ministry
  • Mette B. Hansen, Senior HR Business Partner, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund
  • Kim Møller Laursen, Head of Analysis, Lederne

Additionally, Lasse Bank, Head of Division in the Ministry of Employment is confirmed to set the scene with “The Future’s Aging Workforce.”

We hope you will join us for this important discussion.