Employee Lifecycle III

Inclusive Leadership

Employee Lifecycle III: Inclusive Leadership

AmCham HR Committee is pleased to invite you to our Employee Lifecycle III: Inclusive Leadership event at Roche’s facilities in Hvidovre.

Evolution in markets, customers, ideas, and talent is driving the need for inclusion as a new leadership competency. A challenge for employers is developing people who can scale business efforts and take the organization to the next level. As inclusive strategies drive innovation, employers must welcome an environment for new ideas and perspectives in order to move the business forward.

How do you create an environment where the richness of backgrounds and perspectives are harnessed to create business value?

The event will feature a panel discussion on “Inspiring Inclusive Leadership”, and will include the following business executives whose companies are at the forefront of inclusive leadership:

  • Angela Naef, Vice President, Global Technology & Innovation, DuPont
  • Richard Wright, General Manager, Roche
  • Nicolai Moresco,  Senior Vice President and General Manager Western Europe, Dell
  • Lise Wogensen Bach, MD, DMSci, Vice-dean, HEALTH, Aarhus University
  • Silvia Ding, Senior Vice President, Maersk

Join us for this best practices sharing event where we will share ways to leverage the full potential of your staff throughout their careers by fostering a more innovative culture which increases engagement and agility along the way.

We look forward to welcoming you!