AmCham's HR Committee

Workforce Planning in Uncertain Times

Workforce Planning in Uncertain Times

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to invite you to an event on Workforce Planning in Uncertain Times – in order to be resilient as market conditions quickly shift.

The key to navigating the current and future business landscape is to right size the organization based on core needs.

Where is the company going? What skills & capabilities do we need to get there? Do we have the right talent? Should we reskill? Should we down-scale?  Are we focusing on all our talent or only a fraction of them?

During challenging times, DEI, ESG and proper onboarding can be pushed aside due to budget cuts – however they are some of the factors that can impact attraction, engagement, and retention.

During this event we will hear from business leaders on how they are using workforce planning to stay ahead of the curve, and on course.