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A Leader's Guide to Cybersecurity with Thomas Parenty and Jack Domet

Harvard Business Review: A Leader’s Guide to Cybersecurity

Join Harvard Business Review & AmCham partner Tatarklubben for a nontechnical guide showing executives how to take ownership of their company’s cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is suffering from a crisis of leadership.

Even though companies are investing an unprecedented amount of cash to keep their data, assets, and companies safe, cyber attacks are on the rise – and the problem is worsening. No amount of technology, resources, or policies will reverse this course. This is why boards of directors need to take control from IT.

In A Leader’s Guide to Cybersecurity, the authors – who’ve spent over 35 years helping boards around the globe -present a timely, clear-eyed, and actionable framework that will empower senior executives to take ownership of cybersecurity.

Filled with tools, best practices, and strategies, A Leader’s Guide to Cybersecurity is the guide to navigating this daunting but necessary transition.

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Thomas J. Parenty is an international cybersecurity and privacy expert who, over the course of more than 35 years, has worked at the National Security Agency, testified multiple times before the U.S. Congress and advised government agencies and corporations across the globe. He is a cofounder of cybersecurity firm Archefact Group and author of Digital Defense.

Jack J. Domet is a management expert with more than 25 years experience in helping multinational corporations adapt to shifts in technology, globalization, and consumerism through organizational change. He is a cofounder of cybersecurity firm Archefact Group, where he focuses on building leadership and organizational capabilities in digital stewardship.