Harvard Business Review: Future Ready

AmCham Denmark, in partnership with DAWN, invite you to an event with Harvard Business Review MIT research scientist Stephanie Woerner to discuss the book “Future Ready: The Four Pathways to Capturing Digital Value”.

To be a top performer in the digital economy—to become truly future ready— you need a playbook. Now you have one.

It seems like almost every company you can think of has embarked on a “digital transformation,” but many companies lack a clear idea of how to create and capture digital value, which leads to wasted resources, and often to dysfunction.

This compact, no-nonsense book provides a solution. MIT research scientists Stephanie Woerner, Peter Weill, and Ina Sebastian give readers a coherent framework and a common language to guide them. Based on years of rigorous research and with data from more than a thousand companies, the book includes instructive examples, sharp analyses, assessments, and many illuminating visuals to help crystallize the data and ideas.

The authors show that the goal isn’t digital transformation but rather a profound business transformation. Future Ready is the playbook for becoming a top performer in the digital economy.

About the Speaker:
Stephanie Woerner is a Principal Research Scientist and Director at MIT Sloan School of Management. She specializes in technology and data-driven business models and their impact on organizational change, governance, and strategy. She co-wrote two books published by Harvard Business Review Press on digital business models. Her research has been published in various outlets such as MIT Sloan Management Review and has appeared in media outlets such as Forbes and CNBC. She has experience in speaking and presenting to top management teams and boards of global firms and has moderated panels on topics related to the future of financial services.