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Parents Who Lead

Harvard Business Review: Parents Who Lead

AmCham Denmark, in partnership with Tatarklubben, invite you to join Harvard Business Review authors & renowned organizational psychologists Stew Friedman & Alyssa Westring to discuss their book Parents Who Lead.

The book offers a method to help parents gain a greater sense of purpose and control, so they can lead the lives they truly want – lives characterized by genuine relationships and positive impact.

Seminar tools enable parents and caregivers to:

  • Design a compelling image of an achievable future
  • Engage with children in meaningful ways to build trust
  • Cultivate a community of caregiving and support
  • Experiment in the laboratory of life to discover new ways to live and work that align better with core values
  • Teach children how to lead

Powerful, practical, and indispensable, Parents Who Lead is the evidence-based guide parents need to forge a better future, foster mutually rewarding relationships, and design sustainable solutions for creating a richer life for themselves, their children, and their world.