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Real-Time Leadership

Harvard Business Review: Real-Time Leadership

AmCham Denmark, in partnership with DAWN, invite members & stakeholders to a webinar with Harvard Business Review Author & renowned Leadership Coach, Carol Kauffman, to discuss her book “Real-Time Leadership”.

Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes Are High

The hardest part of leadership is mastering the response to inevitable high-risk, high-stakes challenges leaders will face in the role. Whether they’re making a split-second decision or finding the best strategy to navigate a crisis, how can they bring their best to each pivotal moment?

In this  online workshop, leadership coaching legend Carol Kauffman explores how the best leaders master the moments that matter most, leveraging decades of global C-level executive coaching. It starts with overcoming one’s leadership reflexes and reactions to find the optimal response to any situation, which readers will learn to do here.

Kauffman empowers leaders to slow down to own high-stakes moments, generate options, and expertly evaluate them before acting. This model helps leaders recognize key moments as they approach, like a conductor who anticipates what’s needed to deliver a great performance.

Carol is known globally as one of the top leaders in the field of coaching. She has been named the #1 Leadership coach in the world by the Marshall Goldsmith group. Thinkers 50 shortlisted her as one of the top 8 coaches for her contribution as a thought leader and coach.

She is on the faculty at Harvard where she is the Founder of the Institute of Coaching. In addition, she supervises an international fleet of leadership coaches and has created a Coach Approach training program with a global footprint.