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Launch Excellence in a Post-Covid World with Sarah Rickwood

Healthcare Committee: Launch Excellence in a Post-Covid World

AmCham Denmark, in partnership with IQVIA, is pleased to invite its Healthcare Committee members to an insightful session on ‘Launching Excellence in a Post-Covid World’ with IQVIA VP and European Thought Leader Sarah Rickwood.

The global pharmaceutical industry is changing, as is the environment for innovative product launches. The current covid-19 pandemic has put an increased focus and pressure on global business leaders in the life science industry to revisit their launch strategies and adapt to the new reality. But what makes launch excellence in a post-covid world?

Since 2007, Sarah Rickwood has worked with IQVIA to examine which launches have been the most commercially successful in the recent timeframe, of innovative, protected new products. During this session, she will share some of the key findings, the fundamentals for achieving a successful launch and long-term trends driving the launch environment. In addition, she will share her latest perspectives on how the life science sector will evolve in the wake of the global pandemic and how these trends will challenge life science leadership.

Join us for an insightful session on launching excellence in the life science sector!


About AmCham’s Healthcare Committee
AmCham’s Healthcare Committee is an executive forum for research-based Life Science and MedTech Companies and IT companies specializing in healthcare solutions.

About Sarah Rickwood
Sarah Rickwood has 28 years’ experience as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, having worked in Accenture’s pharmaceutical strategy practice prior to joining IQVIA. She has an extremely wide experience of international pharmaceutical industry issues, having worked for most of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies on issues in the US, Europe, Japan, and leading emerging markets. She is now Vice President, European Marketing and Thought Leadership in IQVIA, a team she has run for 10 years. Sarah presents to hundreds of pharmaceutical industry clients every year on a wide range of global pharmaceutical industry issues, and has published multiple white papers on various topics within healthcare. Sarah Rickwood holds a degree in biochemistry from Oxford University.