Healthcare Committee with Ulla Astman (S)

Healthcare Committee with Ulla Astman (S) (New Date!)

*Please note that this event has been rescheduled from June 26.

AmCham’s Healthcare Committee is pleased to invite its members to an informal virtual discussion with Ulla Astman, Chair of the North Denmark Region for the Social Democratic Party.

Ulla Astman has served as the Chair of the North Denmark Region since 2007. She graduated as cand.scient.adm. from Aalborg University and has previously worked in Aalborg Kommune as an administrative officer in the department of the Elderly and Disabled.

During this session, Astman will share her vision for the Region and how international life science companies can contribute to patient care and patient-centric solutions. She will also engage with the Committee on procurement in the North Region, public-private partnerships and how these can support the development of innovative solutions.

In addition, this is also an opportunity for committee members to discuss how the public and the private sector can work together to help prevent or fight future health crises.

*** This event is only for members of AmCham’s Healthcare Committee.  Please note that each committee member company can be represented by one company representative only unless permitted otherwise by the Committee facilitator (AmCham). If you have any questions, contact AmCham’s Communications & Policy Lead Sandra Hyo Viborg at sv (@)

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