HR Committee:

Adapting Company Culture in Challenging Times

HR Committee: Adapting Company Culture in Challenging Times

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to welcome members & partners to the final event in our 2023 program entitled “Adapting Company Culture in Challenging Times”.

In our rapidly evolving world amidst ongoing crises like geopolitical and economic uncertainty, climate change, and social disruptions, workplace culture has acquired new significance. It now serves as the critical glue that fosters belonging, engagement, and productivity among employees.

These challenges have disrupted traditional work environments, with employees desiring flexible work arrangements and, conversely, employers looking to entice workers back to the office. The same adversity has compelled companies to implement hiring freezes and layoffs, exacerbating workforce instability and employee burnout.

Developing and nurturing a strong, inclusive workplace culture is no longer optional; it’s imperative. Join us to gain insights and practical solutions from executives at Roche, IFF and 360 Law Firm, for building resilience in your culture, engaging and retaining employees, and ensuring your business thrives in an ever-changing world.