AmCham's HR Committee

HR’s Role in Business Agility

HR’s Role in Business Agility & Building Business Value

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to invite all interested stakeholders to the 1st installment of our 2021 event program, which sets focus on Agile HRHR’s Role in Business Agility & Building Business Value.

Talking with HR leaders globally, it is clear they need to modernize, digitalize and deliver value at speed. Agile can be the answer – but how do HR organizations develop, define and execute their agile strategies? Clearly, different organizations define and use agile in different ways, and it starts with having an agile mindset yourself.

We hope you will join us to hear from HR Executives about their journey in developing an agile HR strategy, and discuss the impact of these strategies on their organizations.

Speakers include:

·  Linda Vestergaard, HR Director, Roche

·  Jesper Sylvest Sørensen, Org. Development Director, Milestone Systems

·  Other speakers to be announced