Impact of Recommendations

Health Structure Commission

Impact of Health Structure Commission’s Recommendations

AmCham Denmark, in partnership with Rud Pedersen, is pleased to invite members to our webinar on the recommendations of the Health Structure Commission and the subsequent process period.

Following today’s release of the Health Structure Commission’s (Sundhedsstrukturkommissionen) recommendations, significant changes are anticipated within the healthcare sector in Denmark.

Join our webinar with Mads Koch, Senior Advisor at Rud Pedersen and former Medical Director at Lillebælt Hospital, and Niels-Ulrik Amdal, Director and Head of Healthcare at Rud Pedersen, to explore the Commission’s recommendations and their potential impacts on the Danish healthcare sector.

They’ll explain:

  • The main points of the Health Structure Commission’s recommendations.
  • The impact of these changes on various stakeholders within the healthcare sector.
  • Strategies to ensure influence and proactively participate in the forthcoming negotiation and restructuring process.

This webinar is aimed at individuals and companies involved in the Danish healthcare sector.

We hope you’ll join us!