Partner Event with AmCham Finland:

Navigating the Threats of Illicit Russian Acquisition

Partner Event: Navigating the Threats of Illicit Russian Acquisition

In light of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Finland and Sweden joining NATO, and the increasing complexity of the international trade environment, it’s time to discuss the risks of Russian Illicit Acquisition. What will U.S. and partnering enforcement agencies do as a result of sanctions and restrictions? How much due diligence does a company need to satisfy government expectations?

AmCham Denmark members are invited to join this two-part virtual briefing (attend one; highly recommended to attend both) ensuring you are ahead of the curve.

Part 1: June 13, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (CET):
Russian Illicit Acquisition – Here’s the threat we face

➤ Learn about the principles of intelligence, key information on Russian intelligence, how they have, and likely will obtain sensitive commodities, and how this applies to companies. We will cover methods of acquisition that you need to know, how to identify them to minimize risks and therefore government enforcement and regulatory scrutiny. This is designed for companies both operating and not operating in or with Russia.

Part 2: June 20, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM  (CET):
Multilateral Enforcement and Due Diligence – Here’s the resolution

➤ Join us for a discussion on the U.S. and multilateral (focus on Nordics and Baltics) Enforcement program and how they enforce export controls and sanctions. How the U.S. targets foreign companies with their law enforcement, intelligence and compliance efforts. We will also focus on conducting Due Diligence to minimize the risk of 1) Russian Illicit Acquisition and 2) Government Scrutiny.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from FTI Consulting’s Managing Director Stephen Wilcox, the former BIS liaison to the Baltic and Nordic countries.

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