Partner Event

Art as Your Future Business Tool

Partner Event: Art as Your Future Business Tool

Join us for a one-time only cultural experience that explores how art can transform and build your business.

American Friends of Statens Museum for Kunst (AFSMK) & the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies invites you to an inspirational afternoon at SMK.

Packed with science, thoughts and performances, CIFS and AFSMK join forces in presenting how art and cultural experiences have a tremendous impact on both your employees, your relations, and your bottom-line.
Don’t miss this opportunity to transform and innovate your business through the appreciation and integration of art.

16:00 – Welcome
16:10 – Exercise – art appreciation
16:15 – ‘Artful solutions to serious problems’
16:45 – Interview – Turning art into business (pending)
17:15 – Cases: Art as a future business tool

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