Partner Event:

Working with Americans - How to Win in the World's Biggest Market

Partner Event: Working with Americans – How to Win in the World’s Biggest Market

If you’ve ever done business with Americans, or are planning to do so, you’ll find there are more differences than similarities between the US business culture and those in the rest of the world.

During this free webinar, Allyson Stewart-Allen and Lanie Denslow – best-selling authors of International Book Award finalist Working with Americans – will explain the differences, the current US business environment and give you a range of memorable tips for communicating, influencing and succeeding with Americans in this free webinar.

Why should you attend

You will hear a range of practical advice for creating, building and growing successful business relationships in one of the most complex cultures and markets in the world.

You, your teams and organization will discover ways to navigate the American business landscape to increase your ability to successfully negotiate in this dynamic environment.

What you’ll learn

  • Let’s make a deal – critical steps to successfully negotiate, communicate and influence US counterparts
  • Pump up the volume – why size and scale matter in the US
  • Entrepreneurship – a core and celebrated American business value
  • Time is Money – what drives Americans’ obsession with the clock
  • Independence Day, Week and Year – why Americans value self-reliance

Your webinar leaders

Allyson Stewart-Allen is a renowned author, advisor, broadcaster, educator, speaker and Non-Executive Director whose expertise in brand internationalization and localization is sought by leading businesses globally through her consultancy, publications, appearances, mentoring and corporate education. She has advised more than 250 businesses in 26 countries, applying her extensive international consulting experience, MBA education and languages to the company she founded, International Marketing Partners.

Lanie Denslow is a leading author, speaker and advisor on how culture shapes business practices around the world. She is the founder and principal of World Wise Intercultural Training & Resources, providing coaching and customized programs to enhance clients’ cultural awareness and ability to navigate a multicultural, global business environment. She has conducted seminars for global business leaders and organizations in the US, China, Germany, Russia and England.