Applying Business Analytics: Data Working For You

PowerBreakfast: Applying Business Analytics: Data Working For You

AmCham Denmark, in partnership with Bucks County Community College and Bucks Innovate, is pleased to invite interested stakeholders to a data-inspired PowerBreakfast at the AmCham Loft.

In an age of data abundance, many companies have collected a sea of information. However, few manage to use that information to drive decision making or actionable plans. Collecting data simply for the sake of possibility has proven to be costly; monetarily and reputationally – in terms of security and ethics.

Last year brought great distrust to tech companies, as one fell victim to data breach after another, largely, over data not even being used. Even small companies have a wealth of data at their disposal but struggle with using it in practical, applicable ways.

Data have become like money; wise companies put their data to work for them. Business Analytics is the discipline of using data and analytics, combined with business experience and intuition, to build actionable plans; then follow through, and use the outcomes to drive further business and data initiatives.

We will explore case studies showcasing the practical, intelligent, and ethical use of data in the modern business environment. Learn ways to put your organization’s data to use, both as insights for leadership as well as driving automated process improvement.

Join us for this Power Breakfast to learn how to use your data creatively – and stop storing endless amounts of information without a plan.

*Please note that this event is for AmCham members only