AmCham's HR Committee

Revisions to the Danish Maternity / Paternity Leave Act (2022)

Revisions to the Danish Maternity / Paternity Leave Act (2022)

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to invite relevant stakeholders to an in-depth event outlining the new laws for parental leave which will come into effect in August 2022.

During the event, employment lawyers Anne Marie Abrahamson (Lundgrens) and Daniel Markussen (DLA Piper) will share useful knowledge on the expected changes to the Danish Act on Leave and Benefits on Grounds of Pregnancy and Childbirth and what it will mean for your business.

Topic areas include:

  • Rules for the transition from the current leave system to the new leave system
  • Rules for absence before and after childbirth for both parents
  • Earmarked leave
  • Allocation of leave between the parents – contract law aspects
  • Postponement and extension of leave
  • Notice rules
  • The legal position of solo parents
  • The legal position of LGBT+ families