AmCham's HR Committee

Agile HR: The Employee Experience & Driving Engagement

The Employee Experience & Driving Engagement

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to invite you to an event on The Employee Experience & Driving Engagement, as the 2nd installment of the “Agile HR” theme for 2021.

The theme “Agile HR,” focuses on building responsiveness and adaptability into the HR organization, which in turn supports business agility. The 2nd event in the theme will shed light on what considerations companies are taking to improve the employee experience and engagement, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

When referring to employee experience and engagement, the discussion has turned upside-down since COVID 19.  Company leaders and HR executives are seeking ways to be agile in a ‘new normal’. Some companies can have employees 100% at home, but others, for example in R&D, must be 100% at the office. Still, others are creating a hybrid model. However, some of the biggest challenges with a ‘work from home’ or hybrid model is finding ways to maintain company culture and employee engagement.

Before making a decision, there are practicalities to be investigated:

  • What about new legislation to address this, such as workplace assessment rules or taxation based on workplace location?
  • Who in the organization determines how we work after COVID 19? Finance, HR and IT might have very different perspectives
  • How does the employee experience factor into the considerations
  • And at the end, how do we ensure that the new model is aligned with business goals and outcomes?

During this event, we will hear perspectives from executives and experts who are helping to strategizing the next steps in employee experience and driving engagement in a new paradigm.

Speakers include:

  • Birgitte Krejberg Petersen, Cluster HR Leader Nordics, IFF
  • Anne Marie Abrahamson, Employment Law Expert & Partner, Lundgrens Law Firm
  • Anne Marie Knuth, Head of Reward Advisory, Nordics & Tech Sector Functional Lead EU, AON