The Evolution of HR

Creating a Hybrid Company Culture

The Evolution of HR: Creating a Hybrid Company Culture

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to invite you to an event focused on how to create a strong company culture in a remote or hybrid work environment.

In times of disruption, leaders must be intentional about building workplace culture where employees feel connected, collaborative and engaged– wherever they work.

Nowadays, the biggest challenges lie in the fact that delivering culture, collaboration and engagement must be done in a context that is increasingly remote and time-asynchronous.

So, with the massive shift towards a hybrid workplace model, what capabilities are organizations establishing to evolve into a seamless hybrid environment with a strong company culture?

During this event we will hear from company executives on how they are adapting to these new workplace models – and how they are developing and maintaining a company culture as the organizational ‘glue’ where both the people and the business can thrive.

Speakers include:

  • Nadia El-Salanti, Organizational Psychologist & Principal Scientist, Novo Nordisk
  • Christina Brun Petersen, Chief People Officer, Worksome
  • Maja Luckos, Senior Director Employee Success, Northern EU, Salesforce
  • And more!