The Evolution of HR

Leadership Development in a New Paradigm

The Evolution of HR: Leadership Development in a New Paradigm

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to invite you to an event focused on leadership development in a new world of work, where the shift in demands and expectations from the employees requires a corresponding shift in leadership approach.

How does an organization prepare leaders to utilize their leadership skills to meet these changed expectations? When working remotely, teams might miss out on collaboration and the advantage of collective intelligence – and tend to work individually or in silos. So how much can we expect teams to self-lead – or do leaders need to set boundaries – and if so, how much?

During this event we will hear from company executives on how they are developing leaders to lead in a new paradigm – actively facilitating collaboration both with their teams, but also between departments and the organization.

Speakers include:

  • Charlotte Thorsen, Head of HR Analytics & Development, Danske Bank
  • Shiu-Jene Duong-Grunnet, Director, Human Resources, AGC Biologics
  • Maria Falkenberg, Business Lead Oncology, Roche A/S