OSAC Nordic Webinar

U.S. Secret Service update on Business Email Compromise

OSAC Nordic Webinar: U.S. Secret Service Update on Business Email Compromise

AmCham Denmark & the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) invite members and invited security professionals to a Nordic webinar focusing on one of the most financially damaging cybercrimes, Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Subject matter expert Stephen Dougherty, Forensic Financial Analyst at the U.S. Secret Service Criminal Investigative Division, will discuss how the threat is targeting businesses worldwide at an alarming rate, typically involving phishing emails and social engineering tactics to attack organizations and trick unsuspecting employees.

During the pandemic, the FBI’s 2020 IC3 internet crime report saw a 69% growth in cybercrime, with BEC leading the pack in terms of the costliest to businesses – even outpacing ransomware. According to a 2021 Business Email Compromise Report, of all security incidents suffered by organizations last year, BEC attacks accounted for 50%, resulting in other kinds of threats like loss of data (16%), compromised accounts (36%), and payment fraud (16%).

During the event, Mr. Dougherty will talk about how to best protect your organization from these increasingly dangerous threats.

About the Speaker
Stephen Dougherty has over 15 years of investigative experience. His career as a Financial Fraud Investigator, in support of the federal government, has played a pivotal role in criminal investigations surrounding cyber-enabled financial crime, money laundering, human trafficking, identity theft, healthcare fraud, embezzlement, tax/government program fraud, dark web crimes, among others. Stephen’s main area of expertise is combatting money laundering in all its forms. Aside from this, Stephen has been proactive in identifying new and future trends in the world of financial crime. Such trends include the cyber security nexus of financial crimes and its ever-growing relationship in major financial crimes such as Business Email Compromise and the rise of the dark web and the use of virtual currency as a vehicle for the facilitation of financial crimes. Stephen has been a leader and a mentor to other investigators teaching them how to uncover fraud internally and externally. Stephen is currently a Financial Investigator/Forensic Analyst assigned to the U.S. Secret Service’s Global Investigative Operations Center (GIOC).