Dec 09, 2020

2020 Election Results & Preview of the Biden Harris Administration

On December 9,  AmCham Denmark, hosted a pan-Nordic webinar on the 2020 Election Results & Preview of the Biden-Harris Administration with veteran White House correspondent Jon Decker.

As the U.S. prepares for the January Inauguration, Decker spoke about what the recent electoral results tell us about America’s shifting political balance as well as likely Congress and Senate scenarios with specific emphasis on the Senate run-off election in Georgia.

Decker also shared his thoughts on what we can expect from a Biden-Harris administration, especially on issues related to the economy, trade and foreign policy – as well as the ability for this administration to forge a productive, bipartisan working relationship with Congress.

During the interactive Q&A session lead by AmCham Nordic executives, Decker shared his view on the new administration’s key priorities, where rebuilding ties with Europe, NATO & WHO, along with the likely easing of trade tariffs and restrictions garnered particular interest with participants.

Thanks to our Nordic colleagues for yet another a great partnership.
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