Jun 01, 2021

AmCham Healthcare Committee Meets Torsten Schack Pedersen (V)

On June 1, AmCham’s Healthcare Committee held an informal virtual roundtable with Torsten Schack Pedersen (V), Spokesperson on Business for Venstre.

Torsten Schack Pedersen is currently the spokesperson on business for Venstre. He was elected to the Danish Parliament in 2005 and has held the role of spokesperson on business from 2010-11 and again from 2015.

During the meeting, Schack Pedersen shared Venstres view om the new life science strategy for Denmark and the issues most relevant to keeping Denmark at the forefront of the global competition within the life science industry.

About AmCham’s Healthcare Committee
AmCham’s Healthcare Committee is an executive forum for research-based Life Science and MedTech Companies and IT companies specializing in healthcare solutions.