Jan 19, 2024

AmCham HR Committee Announces 2024 Events Program

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to announce its 2024 Events Program which will focus on “Artificial Intelligence in Organizational HR.”

AmCham HR Committee’s events program for 2024 will center around Artificial Intelligence- specifically within the HR function. AI tools are offering efficiency within the HR department by automating tasks, improving decision-making, and enhancing the overall employee experience. However, there are challenges related to job displacement, ethical concerns, bias, and the need to balance technology with the human touch. This year the Committee will facilitate a program for both leaders and HR professionals to help shed some light on this ‘hot topic’ — to navigate the opportunities and understand potential pitfalls.

June 6, 2024: Exploring Real-World Tools (read more here)
Are you curious about the evolving role of AI in Human Resources? During this event we will delve into a dynamic discussion exploring the myriad options, strategies, fears, and considerations surrounding AI implementation within HR, where we’ll gain insights into how organizations are navigating the integration of AI tools into their workforce and discover practical applications reshaping HR practices in performance management, talent acquisition, and beyond.

September 2024: Legal and Compliance Discussion
As organizations start to utilize AI within their HR function, it becomes important to understand the legal and regulatory landscape. During this technical roundtable we will engage with experts who will provide insights into data privacy & security, along with ethical considerations such as discrimination, fairness, transparency and accountability. Join us to hear a nuts-and-bolts discussion on what to consider when you develop your AI policies.

Nov/Dec 2024: The Human Factor
During this event we will discuss the balance between AI and the human element in Human Resources (HR), highlighting both the advantages and the challenges. While we have discussed how AI is revolutionizing HR, it is important to understand the potential downsides of AI in HR, such as the psychological impact on employees and the risk of loneliness as human interactions are supplemented by technology. We will discuss the importance of maintaining a human connection and empathy in HR processes – and address some of the fears and myths about AI that may be hindering us from using its potential.