Jul 06, 2021

AmCham Meets With Shark Solutions and U.S. Embassy

On July 6, AmCham Denmark hosted Shark Solutions CEO Jens Holmegaard for a mutual briefing with the U.S. Embassy and Chargé d’Affaires Stuart Dwyer.

The AmCham Loft formed the backdrop for discussions on U.S. market opportunities, building on the unique Shark Solution technology tapping into the ambitious green agenda of the Biden administration.

Shark Solutions was formed 15 years ago in Denmark and today the company is a leader in the Circular Economy. Diversion of laminated glass from landfills, upcycling into advanced raw materials for paints, carpet, plastics, fabrics, building materials and more that lower GHG emissions and reduces the harvesting of natural materials from the earth.

Over the past 5 years, Shark Solutions have invested millions of dollars in plant and equipment in the US and created over 30 direct jobs and numerous additional indirect jobs in transportation, service and more.

The outlook is promising with continued expansion of industrial scale windshield and building glass recycling in USA gaining traction with private and public companies, municipalities, and state governments.