Jan 25, 2024

AmCham Member’s Join Political Briefing with Noa Redington

On January 25, AmCham policy stakeholders attended a briefing on the political landscape in Denmark on the back of a tumultuous first year for the government.

Political commentator, Noa Redington, provided humorous and unique insight into Danish politics.

During Noa’s presentation, AmCham members were introduced to the main issues for the government in its first year in charge, as well as some of the most important things to look out for in the coming months. Will we see a change in the health sector system? What will the carbon tax on farmers and agriculture mean for the government – and the tax payers? And will Mette Frederiksen still be prime minister after the summer vacation?

We had a lot to cover, and Noa stayed for an insightful Q&A, where members had the opportunity to wrap their heads around some of the big question marks in Danish politics.

AmCham wishes to extend a special thanks to DLA Piper for hosting the event and to all of our members that joined us.