Feb 08, 2021

AmCham’s HR Committee Launches its 2021 Theme on “Agile HR”

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to announce the launch of its 2021 program of events!

This year, the HR Committee will focus on “Agile HR – Building a Proactive and Dynamic Organization“.

When we reflect on the immense changes of the last year, Agility might be one of the most important competences in organizations today. As companies seek to innovate and meet the challenges of a complex and uncertain business environment, they must rely on their business functions to support them.  Agile HR refers to building responsiveness and adaptability into the HR organization, which in turn supports business agility. During this year’s HR Committee program, we will hear from experts and executives on the various ways that agile can impact the HR function– and ultimately contribute to organizational resilience – and the bottom line.

2021 Program of Events:

Agile HR: HR’s Role in Business Agility & Building Business Value (March 22, 2021) 
Talking with HR leaders globally, it is clear they need to modernize, digitalize and deliver value at speed. Agile can be the answer – but how do HR organizations develop, define and execute their agile strategies? Clearly, different organizations define and use agile in different ways, and it starts with having an agile mindset yourself. During this event, we will hear from HR Executives on their journey in developing an agile HR strategy, and discuss the impact of these strategies on their organizations.

Agile HR: The Employee Experience & Driving Engagement  (June 11, 2021)
With a fierce competition for talent globally, power has shifted from institutions to individuals. The Employee Experience refers to a new way to work with employees to redesign work- which is more critical than ever as we see the strain that remote work has put on employee engagement. If company culture is the ‘glue’ that holds the employees engaged – how do companies maintain a culture in a virtual context? During this event we will talk about employees as the consumer of the workplace and look at how an Agile HR organization with its focus on L&D, inclusive teams, performance feedback and employee well-being in a virtual world can improve the employee experience.

Agile HR: Leadership during Crisis (August/September 2021)
During this event we will look at HR’s role in crisis planning and management, and the lessons learned one year into the COVID crisis, and how an agile approach can help to prepare for extreme uncertainty, including how to innovate quickly by engaging diverse members of their organizations. How can the HR organization ready itself for the next crisis based on the knowledge obtained during COVID-19? To what extent should pandemics be built into business continuity management plans?

Agile HR: Workforce Planning & Talent Attraction (November/December 2021)
Agility in workforce planning means developing new ways of thinking about roles and skills and to shift talent to high priority areas and move them back again as and when needs arise, enabling an enterprise to build an optimal workforce anytime and anywhere. With the challenges of the current business environment combined with remote HR functions, what are the best ways to find and onboard new hires? Given these challenges, should companies be looking more closely at strengthening internal employee pipelines with reskilling? During this event we will hear from executives on what agile changes they are making to both develop internal talent and attract new talent and how they attempt to ensure ethical standards in AI in the process.

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