Nov 05, 2021

AmCham’s Security Forum discusses Insurance & Cyber Risk

On November 5, AmCham’s Security Forum gathered at the AmCham loft for a timely discussion on insurance & cyber risk and how to assess organizational vulnerability.

Current studies show that the threat of cyber-attacks are considered one of the top threats to business globally. Therefore, it is critical that leaders throughout the organization – including the Board –  understand the threat of attack, and what the organization can do to protect itself.  Cyber insurance is not a given, and it can be expensive. However having a basic ‘cyber hygiene’ in place, can greatly help to both ensure ‘insurability’ and help offset cyber insurance costs.

To kickoff the event we heard from Deloitte Senior Manager Morten von Seelen who set the scene by sharing the current threat landscape utilizing real life examples, along with common company vulnerabilities that lead to breaches.

RiskPoint’s Head of Cyber, Jens Zakarias, then talked about what to expect from an insurance provider – and the minimum mitigation requirements that are expected before an insurance company will consider taking on a company’s cyber risk.

To round out the program, RiskPoint’s Partner & Group Manager Klaus Stubkjær shared the Directors and Officers liability angle, where claims against the managers can arise in the event of a breach – and what they can do to protect themselves.

Click here to see RiskPoint’s presentation.

Click here to see Deloitte’s presentation.