Oct 05, 2023

Reserve a Spot Now for the 2024 Leadership Mentoring Program

It’s the last chance for AmCham’s Patron Members and Elite Partners to reserve a spot for our 2024 Leadership Mentoring Program.

The AmCham Leadership Mentoring Program leverages our extensive network of executive leaders providing a platform for professionals and leaders with international experience to learn from each other. The program matches mentors and mentees across different industries based on their interests and goals to encourage inter-industry dialogue and enhance leadership skills for both parties.

Participating companies must commit a senior leadership mentor to the program and name an up-and-coming leader with at least 3-4 years managing experience, to participate as a mentee.

This eleven-month interactive program is free-of-charge for members, and features group events with all participants; along with 1:1 sessions, and will kick off in January 2024.

  • To request a spot, please contact Therese Oliver (to@amcham.dk) by December 12