Jul 12, 2021

Danish Government Launches Green Export Strategy for the U.S.

Earlier this year President Biden launched his recovery plan “The American Jobs Plan” which has allocated 2.000 billion USD for American jobs through investments into clean energy, water supply, energy efficient renovation of buildings, innovation, and modern infrastructure.

To support this vision and keep Denmark as a pioneer country in terms of green transition, the Danish Government has launched a green export strategy with four objectives:

  • Danish wind industry should play a key role in the American offshore wind market across the supply chain.
  • Energy efficient technologies and solutions from Danish companies should be expanded and integrated into a growing American market and contribute to a climate friendly transition
  • Danish water technology solutions should gain penetration and recognition in the U.S. and visible contribute to a more climate friendly American water sector.
  • Danish solutions within sustainable food- and agricultural production should be successfully incorporated in the transition of the American agricultural sector.

The United States is Denmark’s largest export market. The Danish Government has allocated 45,6 million DKK in 2021-2023 to support several initiatives to increase the Danish export of green solutions to the U.S.

To read the full export strategy please visit The Trade Council (in Danish).