Apr 16, 2021

Danish Government Presents New Life Science Strategy

Today the Danish government presented their new Life Science Strategy, which is aimed at securing a world class life science industry in Denmark, to benefit patients, Danish welfare and the Danish economy.

The governments strategy consists of 38 initiatives within 7 themes:
– Better framework for research and development
– Better use of health data
– Denmark as a showcase for life science
– Attracting talent
– Targeted internationalization and government cooperation
– Green growth
– Knowledge sharing and collaboration

Highlights of the 38 initiatives include:

  • Continuation of Trial Nation, a national organization to further clinical research in Denmark
  • Creation of a national digital platform for clinical trials
  • Establishment of a national partnership for better use of Danish health data for research, quality development and innovation
  • International promotion of opportunities to use Danish health data in research and development
  • Increased efforts to attract knowledge-intensive life science investments to Denmark

The government acknowledges that the strategy alone can’t realize the potential of the industry. This requires cooperation between the different actors across the public and private sectors. The government is therefore planning to set up a National Life Science Council, which is going the continuously discuss and develop the framework conditions for the life science industry.

The government is planning on using 70 mio. DKK I 2021 to fund the initiatives in the Life Science Strategy. In 2022 and 2023 the government is using 100 mio. DKK each year.

To read more about the new Life Science Strategy please visit the Ministry for Business website. (in Danish)