Aug 21, 2023

Denmark will donate F16 fighter jets to Ukraine

The government, together with the Netherlands, will donate 19 F16 aircrafts to the Ukraine, which has long been requested by Ukraine. The combat aircraft must, among other things, contribute to Ukraine being able to defend its airspace against Russia’s illegal aggression. Denmark will work for other countries to join the coalition and contribute to the Ukrainian defence struggle.

Denmark will do everything we can to expand the coalition so that more countries can help with the delivery of the F-16 fighter jets that Ukraine needs to strengthen its air defense, says Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

It is important that we continue our strong support for Ukraine and that we help Ukraine strengthen the defense of Ukrainian airspace against Russia’s continued attacks. The first step will be the training of pilots, which we are now embarking on. I am happy about the broad support from a large majority of the parties in the Danish Parliament, says Defence Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

Expenses associated with the donation are assumed to be financed within the Ukraine Fund.