Aug 29, 2023

Nordic Webinar with Jamil Anderlini, Editor-in-Chief from POLITICO

AmCham Denmark, in partnership with our fellow Nordic AmChams, held an insightful webinar addressing European Geopolitics with guest presenter Jamil Anderlini, Editor-in-Chief from POLITICO.

The session focused on the European geopolitical situation, NATO, the Trade and Technology Council (TTC) and digitalization policies, green transition, and future scenario planning.

Thank you to all of those that participated in the webinar and to the Nordic AmChams for hosting with us.


Jamil Anderlini:
Jamil Anderlini is the Editor-in-Chief of POLITICO Europe, where he leads the publication’s journalistic coverage. With expertise in global politics, policy, and economics, Anderlini is an accomplished journalist, editor, and published author. His previous positions include Asia Editor, Assistant Editor, and member of the Editorial Board at the Financial Times. Anderlini has also served as the Beijing Bureau Chief for the Financial Times, Beijing Correspondent for the South China Morning Post, and Chief Editor of the China Economic Review. 

About Politico:
POLITICO is a prominent global news organization that focuses on politics, policy, and governance. It provides in-depth coverage of political events, policy developments, and the impact they have on various sectors and societies.