Mar 22, 2021

HR Committee: 2021 ‘Agile HR’ Theme Kickoff

On March 22, AmCham’s HR Committee kicked off the 2021 event program, setting focus on Agile HR.

The kickoff event, “HR’s Role in Business Agility & Building Business Value,” centered on how building responsiveness and adaptability into the HR organization can in turn support business agility. Agile may seem a clearly defined goal, but how can it be developed and executed, and what does a tangible agile strategy look like?

During the webinar, executive speakers discussed the impact of their agile strategies on their organizations sharing tips and best practices on how HR can help develop a culture of agility, leading to a more satisfied workforce and value growth in the long run.

With varying cases on how to develop an agile HR strategy, it became evident that there is no right or wrong way of implementing such strategies. It starts with imbuing an agile mindset from a top-down approach, but also bottom-up, employee level, which can lead to a broadening of the culture across all levels and facets of the organization.

Speakers and presentations below:

  • Linda Vestergaard, HR Director & Mette Parving, Agile Coach, Roche
  • Jesper Sylvest Sørensen, Org. Dev. Director, Milestone Systems
  • Kenneth Nielsen, CEO, Riskpoint

To see the Roche presentation, click here

To see the Milestone presentation, click here