Dec 03, 2021

HR Committee discusses Talent Attraction in a Hybrid Environment

On December 3, AmCham’s HR Committee held an event on “Talent Attraction & Onboarding in a Hybrid Environment.”

As a result of the pandemic, many employees are not necessarily heading directly back to the office, but are looking for more flexible options. The demand for hybrid workplace models among new hires – along with a limited talent pool – has put pressure on HR organizations, that are working to build an workforce that is aligned, engaged and agile.

The event focused on ways to find, onboard and assimilate new employees in this new environment, and also how AI can be a fantastic tool, if used as a supplement to a personal approach.

If you missed, it, check out the video in the right column to see the whole presentation!

Speakers and presentations below:

  • Mia Abella, Global Talent Acquisition Leader, IFF (formerly DuPont N&B)
    (presentation here)
  • Heidi Wassini, Global Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding, Vivino
    (presentation here)
  • Alexandra Knowles, Head of Talent & Digital Strategy, Copenhagen Capacity
    (presentation here)