Feb 03, 2021

HR Committee kicks off 2021 with Webinar on Navigating Employment Law during COVID-19

On February 3, AmCham’s HR Committee held a virtual event on navigating difficult employment law issues during the COVID-19 crisis.

The pandemic has caused business challenges across the board. Employers are especially hard hit in dealing with employment laws, due to massive and sudden changes in business and working conditions.

The event’s discussion centered around how to tackle the challenges that employers have faced throughout the pandemic. To better gauge this difficult topic, we heard from two leading legal minds on this subject.

Marianne Granhøj, Partner & Employment Law Specialist at Kromann Reumert, shared her extensive insights on how to handle mental health issues related to remote working from a legal perspective – as well as the implications on salaries and incentive schemes.

Anne Marie Abrahamson, Partner & Employment Law Specialist at Lundgrens Law Firm, elaborated on the changes in terms and conditions of employment and the legal frameworks for conducting redundancies.

For information on ‘Bekendgørelse om Psykisk Arbejdsmiljø’ (Executive Order on Mental Health in the Workplace’ from Fall 2020, click here (in Danish)

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To see Anne Marie Abrahamson’s presentation, click here. 

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