Jun 16, 2022

HR Committee on Revisions to Maternity / Paternity Leave Act

On June 16, AmCham’s HR Committee held a roundtable discussion on revisions to the Danish maternity / paternity leave act at DLA Piper’s office in Copenhagen.

During the event, employment lawyers Anne Marie Abrahamson (Lundgrens) and Daniel Markussen (DLA Piper) shared their knowledge on the expected changes which will come into full effect on August 2, 2022, and how to implement these in a realistic context within business organizations.

Participants were very active in the roundtable discussion regarding their own company policies and how these will merge with the new regulations. Some of the important takeaways were:

  • The introduction of ‘earmarked leave’ when transitioning from current leave models
  • The expanded legal position of solo parents and LGBT+ families
  • The adaptation of existing company policies to comply with the new rules