Apr 25, 2024

HR Committee talks about Digitalization & Talent

On April 25, the AmCham HR Committee gathered at the AmCham loft to explore how digitalization is shaping talent management.

The session began with a presentation on the insights from HAYS2024What Workers Want’ survey by Managing Director Vibe Puggard, covering topics like work-life balance, diversity, job security, and the impact (and perception) of AI in the workplace.

Following this, Board Professional (Vimavima, Nykredit, Nordlys) Mie Krog, shared her thoughts on why it’s crucial for top leaders to redesign our work processes, prioritizing people over performance. She emphasized the role of CEOs and board members in crafting strategies to attract and retain talent in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

The event provided a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and gain practical insights into navigating HR challenges amidst digital transformations.