Jun 14, 2021

HR Committee: The Employee Experience & Driving Engagement

On June 11, AmCham’s HR Committee held an event on “The Employee Experience & Driving Engagement” focusing on the considerations companies should take to improve the employee experience and engagement in a new paradigm.

During Covid, the astonishing speed with which we have adopted digital technology for virtual work has created an opportunity to reset work that, at best, can help make our work lives more purposeful, productive, agile and flexible.  At this time, companies are in a ‘reset’ mode moving out of the pandemic, and working through the complexities of changing workplace strategies into a hybrid or remote work model. But with these massive changes to the traditional workplace models, comes an enormous amount of consideration, not the least of which is how to create a positive employee experience and keep the workforce engaged.

If you missed, it, check out the video in the right column to see the whole presentation!

Speakers and presentations below:

  • Anne Marie Abrahamson, Employment Law Expert & Partner, Lundgrens Law Firm
  • Anne Marie Knuth, Head of Reward Advisory, Nordics & Tech Sector Functional Lead EU, AON
  • Birgitte Krejberg Petersen, Cluster HR Leader Nordics, IFF

To see the Lundgrens presentation, click here

To see the AON presentation, click here

To see the IFF presentation, click here