Feb 10, 2021

International Cooperation Critical for Global Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

AmCham Denmark is concerned with the European Commission’s new requirement for an explicit export authorization for the shipment of COVID-19 vaccines and active substances out of the EU.

Export restrictions on vaccines must be avoided, specifically in the EU, and we urge the European Commission to amend its recently announced export authorization mechanism for COVID-19 vaccines and active substances.

A strong economy recovery and the return to normal life is reliant on global access to vaccines. In order to produce vaccines, companies are reliant on being able to export and import vaccines and active substances across the globe, to produce as many vaccines as possible in a timely manner to beat the global pandemic.

AmCham Denmark is concerned that the EU’s export controls will disturb the calibrated an highly integrated supply chains used to manufacturing and distribution of the vaccines globally. The restrictions on export could additionally spark retaliation from international partners, leading the further interruptions and hindering the supply needed to vaccinate the public.

We will only be able to put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic with international cooperation. AmCham Denmark encourages the EU, the member states and other governments to collaborate and keep the ongoing dialogue and partnership with the industry. This is critical to guarantee global access to the COVID-19 vaccines, and to alleviate the impact the pandemic has on the well-being of our citizens and economies.