Sep 30, 2021

Janssen Named 2021 Foreign Company of the Year

An independent jury has selected Janssen as AmCham Denmark’s 2021 Foreign Company of the Year. The jury placed emphasis on the company’s investment into Denmark, which includes the appointment of Denmark as a core country for clinical research.

The company is also recognized for its continued commitment to Denmark due to their valuable collaboration and support of Danish patient communities, start-ups and public institutions.

Spokesperson for the jury, Bjarne Corydon, Editor-in-Chief, Børsen, says: “Since 2016 Janssen has seen a growth of more than 50 pct in turnover and is one of the biggest companies in the Danish Medical Prescription Market in 2020. With the appointment of Denmark as a core country for clinical research and its numerous partnerships with Danish patient communities and public institutions, Janssen demonstrates a strong commitment to making innovative pharmaceutical solutions available for Denmark in the future. One example is Janssen’s collaboration with Rigshospitalet on clinical studies focused on cellular immunotherapy for multiple myeloma treatment.”

Besides Bjarne Corydon, the 2021 jury also consists of Sanna Suvanto-Haarsae, Chairman (Bo Concept, TCM, etc.), and Jørgen Bardenfleth, Chairman (Lyngsoe Systems, Symbion et al.)

Julie Enevold Brooker, Country Director Denmark, Janssen says:  “I feel very proud and grateful to be named AmCham 2021 Foreign Company of the Year. The award confirms our decision to become a local Danish organization and marks the culmination of the unique journey we have been on since. Today, Janssen Denmark can proudly celebrate the contribution and positive impact we have brought and will continue to bring to Denmark as we make innovation in healthcare available to its nurses, doctors, and most importantly, patients. “

AmCham Denmark is proud to recognize Janssen as the 2021 Foreign Company of the Year. “This prestigious award recognizes the importance and positive impact made by foreign companies investing in Denmark – which comprise only 1.2% of private sector companies but create more than 20% of the private sector jobs,” says Stephen Brugger, AmCham Executive Director.

“Foreign companies hold the key to future growth in the economy, and when they choose to invest in Denmark, it creates jobs, growth and innovation. Therefore, it is a privilege for AmCham to help foreign companies tell their success stories – and this year’s finalists were four multinational companies from the absolute top drawer, who provided the jury with several great stories to choose from,” adds Brugger.

AmCham would like to congratulate this year’s other finalists: FedEx, Pfizer, and Salesforce – who were all very qualified.

Janssen joins a prestigious list of previous award winners including:
IBM (2020) Amgen (2019), FMC (2018), Medtronic (2017), Dupont (2016), Bayer (2015), Roche (2014), Biogen Idec (2013), McDonald’s (2012), Siemens (2011), Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers (2010), Iron Mountain (2009) and & GlaxoSmithKline (2008