Oct 27, 2023

Life Science Strategy: Elevating Denmark’s Global Leadership in Healthcare

On October 27, AmCham in partnership with the U.S. Embassy, Amgen, Bristol Myers Squibb and Roche, held a roundtable meeting discussing life science framework conditions and the government’s upcoming life science strategy.

A significant part of Denmark’s life science sector is comprised of foreign companies that contribute with innovation, investments, research, and highly skilled labor. In 2020, foreign investments in Danish life science amounted to over DKK 12 billion. The competition to attract investment is intense.

The meeting provided an inspiring framework where decision makers freely exchanged experiences and perspectives. The agenda for the meeting focused on four themes that are crucial to the development of Denmark as an attractive life science country.
•  Improve Danish patients’ access to new innovation.
•  Strengthening the framework conditions for clinical research.
•  Establishing effective public-private partnerships.
•  Increase the inflow of foreign investment and highly skilled labor.

Participants at the meeting elevated the debate with unique insights and experiences.