Mar 30, 2023

Santa Clara University MBA Student Visit

On March 30th, a group of MBA students from Santa Clara University had the opportunity to visit the AmCham Loft.

AmCham Executive Director, Stephen Brugger, presented a comprehensive overview of AmCham, its role in promoting business relationships between Denmark and the U.S., and the recent Transatlantic Economy Report, which analyzed the economic ties between Europe and the United States.

In addition, Stephen spoke about the investment challenges facing Denmark and the Danish business culture. The students gained valuable insights into the cultural differences and the unique business practices that make Denmark a unique place to do business.

During their week-long visit to Denmark, the MBA students had the opportunity to tour several companies and explore sustainable energy initiatives across multiple industries. They gained a unique perspective on Denmark’s business culture and sustainable energy initiatives and saw first-hand how companies are implementing sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact and working towards a greener future.