Jan 11, 2022

State of American Business 2022: Fighting for Innovation & Competition

The U.S. Chamber’s State of American Business event brought together business leaders, lawmakers, and policy experts to discuss how competition will drive business in 2022.

In her first State of American Business keynote address, U.S. Chamber President and CEO Suzanne P. Clark highlighted the innovation and resilience of American business while warning against increasing government overreach that could stifle competition and our fragile economic recovery.

She also issued a call to action for the business community: “The U.S. Chamber is calling for a new movement of bold—and I mean bold—business advocates committed to defending those elected officials who dare to find the common ground necessary to enact durable policies that move our country forward and committed to supporting pro-business champions in both political parties,” Clark said.

“My message to all the citizens of this great nation: Let’s get on the same side in this competition for our future,” she continued. “The U.S. has enough enemies. Let’s stop being our own worst enemy. Let’s stop the infighting and show the world that our democracy supporting our American enterprise system is what made the U.S. dynamic, diverse, resilient, and strong.”  Read the full speech transcript here

Conversations with CEOs & Lawmakers
The 2022 State of American Business also featured insightful conversations with business leaders and lawmakers:

– Dr. Albert Bourla, chairman & CEO of Pfizer  > view here
– Carol Tomé, CEO of UPS  > view here
Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)  > view here